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So, never went to miss out on the latest news from our campground in Zell am See-Kaprun again? Plus, you want to keep abreast of upcoming events taking place in and around Panorama Camp Zell am See? Here you will find all the important and interesting information you could wish for.


ACSI Camping Card 2023


We eccepted the  ACSI Camping Card 2023 during the low season on our campsite. The nightly rate is €  23,-- excl. touristtax and environmentally taxe;


Total rater per one overnight incl. all taxes, 2 persons, 1 dog, 1 pitch and 4kWh electricity is € 31,00


Valid for the following periods:

CC € 23,-- 01/02-31/03,  11/04-26/05, 05/06-23/06, 11/09-21/10;

The campsite is closed from the 22nd October until the 20th December 2023!

ACSI Tariff 2023 So ACSI works with us :  

  1. The reverse side of the ACSI Camping Card  must be completed in full ( only a completely filled card accepted )
  2. Upon arrival , please indicate at the reception your discount card . Enter the map of our front desk clerk .( For departures / payment of the invoice , we provide you the card again )  
  3. Enjoy inexpensive your holiday with us . As long as you want it .  
  4. You only pay the cheap Camping Card ACSI rate of 23,00 € * . You need nothing more book or pay in advance .
  5. Total rate for 2 persons, all taxes and 4 KWH is € 31,00 per overnight!
  6. 4 kWh of electricity consumption per night inclusive . If your power consumption to be higher , you must pay equivalent to 75 cents per KWH . Example : You will stay 2 nights . The CCA rate you have 8 KWH included . Their consumption is but 10 KWH . So you will be charged 2 KWH .  

ACSI Club ID is not a discount card ! It is used for identification of individuals .


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